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A Guide to the 6 Day Xperience - Canada and UK

Welcome to The 6 Day Xperience. We are sure you are going to love the taste, the benefits and the ease of managing weight drinking our coffee. But most of all, we know you are going to discover how simple it is to lose weight and keep it off too.

What to Expect in Just 6 Days

  • I Am Not Hungry

  • I Am Not Having Cravings

  • I Am Eating Less

  • I Am In Control

  • I Am Energized

  • I Am Focused

  • I Am Happy

  • I Am Noticing Inches Lost

  • I Am Losing A Few Pounds

  • I Am Amazed!


(Note: before you drink your coffee, drink 1 glass of water)

Each morning, and each afternoon, for 6 consecutive days, mix one packet with hot or cold water or add to your regular cup of coffee, stir and enjoy. If you like it a little sweet, try a bit of Stevia or Xylitol instead of sugar. Use unsweetened cream if you want to. SUPER SIMPLE.


Drink 2 cups of SlimCore Java daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon for maximum control all day long.


Continue what you've started. The best results happen over time by making one simple change: drinking a cup or two of SlimCore Java Coffee every morning (and every afternoon). It's so worth it. YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!!! Consider whether a 6 or 12 cup trial is right for you.

Let the person who sent you this amazing offer to try SlimCore Java know you would like to get started with a 6 Day Xperience pack.

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